Yantai Perzina Piano Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a piano manufacturer invested and founded by Chinese and foreign piano makers. Company existing plant construction is ​​20,000 square meters, with more than 300 employees. The core members of this team engaged in production, technology and management have nearly 30 years of piano manufacturing experience. The designed factory production scale of annual output is upright pianos 15,000 units and grand pianos 1500 units.

The company is located in the beautiful coastal city of Yantai, Shandong. Yantai lies in the latitude 36° along the Yellow Sea coast, neighboring mountains on the south and adjacent to the sea on the north; in winter it is not cold, summer not hot; neither dry nor wet, the average annual temperature is 12 ℃ and the average annual humidity is 64%. Yantai is not only the most suitable place for human habitation, awarded the "Habitat Environmental Award" by the United Nations, but also provides unique, unparalleled geographical conditions of natural weather for the production of high quality pianos.

plant construction

more than 300 employees

30 years of piano manufacturing experience

  • Since its inception, Yantai Perzina Piano Manufacturing Co., Ltd. always adheres to the policy of "moderate company size, best product quality, most strict management and the best benefits", taking product quality as life, and building up brand image from Germany with the highest piano quality. Yantai Perzina pianos, completely access to the original German classic design, production technology and manufacturing technology, in particular, fully master a large number of extremely important stealth technology. Strict selection of materials and fine processing make Perzina piano elegant appearance, beautiful sound, comfortable touch, expressive performance and many other features, which are the perfect heritage of the German Perzina piano sound characteristics—range wide, volume large, softly sustaining, warm and mellow. Its superior quality and high price & performance makes Perzina pianos not only popular in domestic and foreign markets, but also highly praised in the world by many professional pianists, music educators and the majority of piano enthusiasts. Now, Perzina piano is not only popular in the major cities in China, but also popular in more than 50 countries and regions in North America, South America, Europe, Japan, Oceania, Africa, Southeast Asia etc, establishing a broad and stable exclusive sales agent network system.
  • Yantai Perzina Piano Since 2007, in the national piano industry, was first recognized by the world's most authoritative professional publications—the United States THE PIANO BOOK and rated as 3A products, and kept this award in the successive years. This is the highest ranking of the Chinese piano industry so far.
    In March 2015, at the 7th session of the Council of China Musical Instrument Association (CMIA), nominated by China Light Industry Federation, Yantai Perzina Piano Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was elected as vice chairman unit of CMIA and company president Mr. Sun Qiang was elected as vice chairman of China Musical Instrument Association. These fruitful results are achieved by Perzina’s prudent attitude and hard work. The national piano industry and China Musical Instrument Association also gave high appraisal and encouragement to Yantai Perzina. At the same time, at this meeting, Yantai Perzina was awarded "top 50 companies” again in Chinese musical instrument industry, obtaining this award for 10 consecutive years since 2005.
  • More than 140 years ago, the German Perzina piano factory had sent technicians to Bechstein piano factory for learning and training……
    Now, history and opportunities again push Yantai Perzina and the world's top piano manufacturer—Bechstein to a deeper level of cooperation. From October 2008 to now, in up to 7 years, Yantai Perzina not only learned a lot of advanced concepts and technologies of piano design and manufacturing, but the scope of cooperation between the two sides continue to expand, cooperation level and depth make continuous improvement. Perzina and Bechstein friendly, extensive and in-depth cooperation will effectively promote and speed up Yantai Perzina piano to the world-class pace.
  • Perzina piano from 1871 until today, has gone through more than 140 years’ history. Looking back, we adhere to the strict product quality management and service for integrity; win the praise of domestic and foreign distributors and consumers. Perzina's long history of the brand, profound cultural heritage, brilliant achievements and bright future, will always inspire Perzina people to struggle without stop, climb to the peak!