Soft and subtle touch, colorful and wide range

Product description

The “GBT152” is one of the most surprising “baby” grand pianos that exist on the market today. It has a distinctly deeper and stronger bass than can normally be expected out of a piano of this size, and beautiful sustaining middle and treble section - far more than a 152cm grand piano. For those who are seeking a small footprint but a big sound, Perzina’s “GBT152” is the end of the quest.

Some models of our products are limited specially-made for exporting, according to the requirements of European & American dealers. Different postfixes of model names stand for different colors and veneer decorations.

Customers can choose by themselves according to the decoration style where they want to put the piano. For details please contact the local dealers.

For appearance of pianos, please refer to the actual products. The brochures and products are subject to change without prior notice.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

Product details